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My initial observations after my first 1.5 weeks in Iran. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

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  1. The Emperor says:

    Honestly, when it comes to religion in iran, u have to study the political scene. There are the conservatives/hardliners which speaks for itself and there are reformists. Who want to reform. Make the country the way it was visioned. The way was supposed to be when the revolution happened. Go back to the right path as one might say.

  2. Secular S says:

    description of the situation and country is 100% accurate and on point I can say probably 80% of the population want a secular state and way more than 50% follow don't follow the religion!

  3. t f says:

    If you love Iran and its People so much, ( and I assume you are wealthy enough) open a charity organisation in Iran for poor People, homeless children, drug adicts etc. And not only in Tehran, but also in other cities..Not Just go there and walk around and go to Peoples home and eat their food for free. Spending money would be a good start, how is that sounds?

  4. Nojan says:

    Peter, I'm impressed how spot on you are with your observations on Iran. Specially with regards to religion and things that are Illegal. It's funny when I travel outside of Iran and some people ask me if we can drink or have sex or even hold hands ? Illegal doesn't really mean out of reach in Iran, because a lot of people have 0 respect for the legal system and the authorities.

  5. dentist naderi says:

    thank you . yes in usa because of Social Networks people brain washed about iran . iran is safer than turky and rest of countries in middle East . because people following culture instead of religions

  6. Saeed Ghodrat says:

    Where have u been man, do u know how long I've been waiting for your new video ! Please upload more and talk more about Iran
    P.S make sure u visit Shiraz and Perspolise
    Good luck

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